This project turned out to be colorful and bright. Our customers are creative people who love painting and literature. During the developing of this project the main requirement was to organize places for storing books and paintings. The roomage of the apartment was absolutely enough to embody the dreams of our customers into reality.

When stepping inside the apartment, you find yourself in the terracotta entrance hall, which leads to a corridor and kitchen. Blue doors in Provence style are chosen for the decor accent. The skirting boards and ceiling cornices were also covered with blue enamel. The entrance hall is decorated with Spanish ceramic tiles, its pattern imitates the carpet. For storage of the outerwear, a built-in closet with louvre shutter facades is installed. The shoe cupboard is also made in Provence style. A large picture with a backlight is located above it.

The kitchen space is organized in a standard way. A bright green kitchen ensemble is installed, while several cupboards and shelves are highlighted with the help of veneer sheets. The back splash is made of ceramic tiles with a print imitating the "Terrazzo" technic. A natural tree countertop characterizes the unity of style. Along one of the walls there is a book rack of veneer installed. In the center is a large dining table made of natural wood.

The bedroom is decorated with dark colours. In the head of the bed the wall is painted sand colour so that it would make a combination with a picture. Book racks were used as bedside tables, with drawers made at the required level. The total space of the bedroom was united with an enclosed balcony, the window block is decorated with a wooden countertop. This decision made it possible to organize the workspace and to provide a big amount of natural light.

The interior combines incompatible things: it unites completely different ideas from at first sight incompatible styles, without losing its integrity and harmony. Such an interior can be described as a style of fusion.