Designing an apartment with a standard layout is always a difficult task. Our clients, a young couple with a small child. They would like to get a modern apartment with a large number of storage places and a working space.

In the hallway, a closet of a deep wine red colour was designed, next to it there is a console, decorated with wooden rails. A large mirror with soaring lighting was located on the opposite wall. The space of the corridor is remarkable for its colour solutions: one wall is made light gray with installed white doors in the Scandinavian style, another white wall is in a modern style. The doors of the hidden type were installed in the toilet and in the bathroom, they are painted the same colour as the walls are. As the main lighting on the ceiling, a light line was used, which visually separates the hall and corridor.

The classic version of the kitchen is made. The upper cupboards of the kitchen ensemble are located only along one wall, while the lower part is of an L-shape. The back splash and wall nearby are faced with larger format ceramic tiles, which imitate natural stone. A bright element here is an open kitchen hood which has a shape of a bronze colour pipe. A glass window with a backlight is installed near the window. There is a furniture of sand colour in contrast with a dark nut colour of the veneer sheets. The door to the corridor opens with the help of the ghost system (GOST): the door leaf is placed in a niche equipped between the closets with built-in equipment and a wall. Part of the wall, which is actually a zone determined for the TV-set, is decorated with 3D panels, black metal moldings and a light line. A large round table was placed in the center, the lighting above it was made using bronze hanging lamps.

The bedroom is made of light colours. Moldings, 3D panels and inserts from seamless photo wallpaper with an abstract pattern were used as a decor. The dressing room was separated by a sliding metal partition with darkened glazing. The enclosed balcony was united with the total space of the bedroom and placed a workplace on it.