This project was developed for a young couple, who wanted to create a modern and cozy interior

The apartment is rectangular, with a non-standard location of "wet points", which made it possible to place the kitchen in the center of the apartment and make it as a passage. The kitchen ensemble is green, the walls are painted cold blue colours. In order not to overload the walls open shelves made of solid wood are used. Modernity is added to this space with the help of an open chrome kitchen equipment. Bronze hanging lamps, in its turn, gives this interior some elements of the art deco style.

The living room space is separated from the kitchen by using a white sliding wooden partition in the Provence style. The color of the walls is blue, similar tonthe kitchen, which visually unites both spaces. A working space is integrated with a book rack and installed at the window. In the center of the room there is a bright yellow sofa, which divides the space of the living room into rest area and working zone. The accent of the living room is the wall in the TV zone, decorated with a wallpaper with a pattern of "chestnuts blossom" with blue and green coloures, hence the notes of vintage style in this interior.

The bedroom is decorated in the general style of the apartment: there is a green closet similar to the kitchen ensemble, an accented wall and a furniture made of natural wood. The head of the bed is decorated with seamless murals with small branches of sea buckthorn on a delicate pink background. A toilet table with a dressing mirror is installed next to the window.

The bathroom is made in gray loft style. The walls are faced with decorative plaster. In the shower the wall is highlighted by the dark ceramic granite tiles. "under the concrete". Plumbing equipment is chosen in black. A round mirror in a black frame, with a “soaring” backlight, was placed over a pedigree made of natural wood with a metal frame. A ceramic granite tiles with a print imitating a natural tree is laid out on the floor.

The general style of the interior turned out to be composite, combining such styles as Scandinavian, loft, Provence, vintage and art-deco.