Our client was a girl who wanted to create a cozy and modern apartment, but without expensive and labour-consuming replanning approvals, therefore the basis for the project was the layout created by the developer.

In the kitchen it was decided to organize several spaces: for cooking, eating and rest. A small but functional kitchen ensemble allows you to place kitchen belongings. Opposite the dining table a compact folding sofa is located, which is separated by a wooden partition. According to the project a window block was dismantled and a balcony was combined with a kitchen space. The installed countertop is made of stone, it gave an opportunity to organize an additional place for work and/or rest. Wall decoration is made of decorative plaster. TV zone is decorated with wooden railings and mirrors which are as high as the walls.

Initially the "master bedroom" was large, which helped to create an additional place for storage. The dressing room was designed, the external wall of that element is made of decorative wooden railings with backlight illumination. At the head of the bed, a photo pannel with a plant ornament is made. To the right of the bed we placed a dressing table and a mirror with backlight up to the ceiling. Opposite the bed there are a TV-set zone, a large mirror up to the ceiling and a pale pink pouf.

The second bedroom, which is also a guest room, is designed in dark coloures. It is furnished with a double bed, a closet and TV zone. The guest room has an access to the enclosed balcony with a panoramic glazing and a wonderful view of the sunset.

The guest toilet is made with using the contrast of white and black. The bathroom, on the contrary, is made in light natural coloures, with a bright accent: a wall made of ceramic granite tiles with a plant print. A natural wood counterattack contrasts with the color scheme of the bathroom. In order to organize a storage place it was decided to extend the wall, which made it possible to install a buth-tub of a standard size. The niche is decorated with ceramic granite tiles.

The interior of the apartment turned out to be modern and bright, with natural decorative elements.