When developing this Townhouse, we faced quite complex tasks that were solved during the designing process in conjunction with related specialists. It was necessary to make a ventilation installation, solve gas connection issues, make changes to the projects of the facades due to an enlargement of window apertures and entrance door leading to the backyard.

The entire interior style is built on a contrast: the floors of wenge, dark veneer sheet and black doors are combined with light walls, glass elements and mirrors, and in symbiosis they create a pleasant atmosphere.

When we get into the town-house, we find ourselves immediately in the united space of the living room. The room has an elongated shape, and we did not want to block it with the walls and thereby lose additional daylight from the window. Therefore, it was decided to erect a light glass structure, this arrangement with a shelf is zoning the entrance hall from the main space of the living room. Opposite the staircase, under the window, there is a perfectly located rest area — a place where it is convenient to read a book or to sit with a laptop.

The kitchen is the most bright and eclectic place of this project. It harmoniously combines the emerald color of the facades, concrete ceiling, marble and brass. And the veneer panels in the left part of the kitchen flow into the TV zone and one can’t even say that part of the kitchen cabinets, including a built-in refrigerator, is hidden behind them.

Going upstairs to the first floor, we get into the passing hall which has a place organized for cozy gatherings with friends. We placed a home theater system and a bio fireplace there. For convenience we chose a frameless modular sofa consisting of two sections that can be transformed if necessary. We united the windows with a common window board, and hid the radiators behind decorative panels from below.

We made a very spectacular bathroom in the tropical style on the first floor. In order to do this we chose tiles with a photo print, wooden slabs, green color and Mettlach tiles. The second door of this bathroom leads to a large and functional laundry room.

The bedroom on the attic floor is made in warm, brown tones. Behind the head of the bed we created a wall with imitation of a rock, which gives the interior naturalness and a cozy atmosphere. Opposite a large roomy closet is designed, which is made according to our drawings and flows into the wall panels, looking like a whole wall.

Each interior in this project is unique and unites in the general concept such styles as eclecticism, contemporary and minimalism.